Is Extended Covid 19 Situation Making You Anxious? Yoga and Meditation Will Help

Zoom Session: Vinyasa Yoga And Meditation

Yoga helps you start your day feeling relaxed.

When you wake up feeling at peace, it is very difficult for head circumstances in life to stress you.

A morning yoga session followed by a ten minute meditation session in the morning is the path towards stress free life.

Yoga Prepares You for Meditation and Help Ease The Stress

Slow poses that allow you to deeply stretch out the hips help ease any stress that has stuck around from the previous days. Anxiety likes to sit within your hip crease, so when you stretch them out, you release that unwanted stress.

Meditation Hones Your Skills Of Mindfullness

With meditation practice, one learn to be more mindful. Yogic breathing throughout meditation help you focus. Meditation let you focus in present and mindfulness is also about being in the moment and decluttering your mind.

When you can master the art of sitting in peace, you can very well incorporate it into your day. When you are at peace, you do not get anxious of difficult times. You are more capable of facing situations and find a solution. It all begins with practicing yoga and meditation to find peace within.

Join Us For A Post Iftar Yoga and Meditation Session on Wednesday 13 May

Our blog http://www.sherrygupta.com has therefore collaborated with yogi Nouran from Dubai to host a Zoom Talk session on Yoga and Meditation on Wednesday, 13 May at 9 pm.

As the holy month of Ramadan is here, the session will be hosted in evening after Iftar.

All we are looking for is to make yoga and meditation a part of everyone’s life. The session is free to attend, and anyone from across the globe can be a part of it. Find more details on the session below:

Invite Poster
Invite Poster

Click here to Join the session

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 251 154 1050
Password: 5Ktjmh

Stay Home Stay Safe.

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