Six Bad Habits To Avoid In The Morning

Hello readers,

This article will talk about six bad habits you should probably avoid in morning. These habits not only affect your productivity but also have a bad impact on health.

Six Bad Habits To Avoid In The Morning. Image Source: Pinterest

Planning Your Day

Your planning for the day should be get done by the night before. If you start to plan for your day in the morning, it leaves you with a bit of anxiety. However, if you plan for your day just half an hour before the bed time, you can save a ton of time in the morning plus you will have clarity of things to do as you wake up.

Waking Up At Inconsistent Time

Having a routine works like a magic. No one is asking you to be up by 4am. But if you get up at 8am make sure that you follow the pattern. Waking up one day at 8am and the next day at 10 am will have an impact on your sleep time which in turn will impact the wake up time next day. Before you know, your productivity levels will start to drop. Give yourself an exception for a weekend but that’s all.

Not Exercising

It does not mean that you go out and do a full blown workout. But avoid waking up and directly going to work. Do some stretching or go for a 20-minute walk. Waking up and then straight sitting on a chair for straight 8 hours will have bad health impacts. Giving your body some sort of exercise is a must.


Please do not drink coffee as you get up. You body needs water when you get up. It is dehydrated. First thing you should do in the morning is to hydrate yourself. Water is a necessity. We see people drinking first glass of water by afternoon, clearly it’s not a good habit. Our body, our brain needs water to work properly. So if you do not drink after as first thing in the morning, you should quit this bad habit right away.

Hitting The Snooze Button

Do you set three to four alarms and press snooze button in the morning? Well, if you do so, set the alarm and keep the phone in another room or far away from you. So when the alarm rings, you need to get out of the bed to stop the alarm. Once you are out of bed, you will definitely not hit the snooze button. It works, do try.

Do Not Spend Time On Social Media

Five minutes on Instagram can end up with you wasting 1 hour on mindlessly scrolling down the feed. Just check important messages that also when you are out of the bed. Do not touch your phone if you are still in the bed. This habit is the worst of all in 21st century. It impacts productivity levels as well as your health.

So, now you know how to avoid the six bad habits, start working on them right away and let the magic begins.

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