Five Common Diet Myths

If you have been trying to lose weight lately but not getting successful results, chances are high that you are making following mistakes:

Five Common Diet Myths

Myth No. 1: Lesser The Fat I Eat, Better It Is

It’s a common myth where people believe that low fat diet is good for fat loss. It is recommended that in your diet 1/3 of the calories should come from healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado etc. Fat is important for your energy levels, tissue repair and absorption of vitamins in the body. However, saturated fat sources such as processed butter, red meat are not good for health and should be avoided.

Myth No.2: Crash Diet & Fasting Help In Weightloss

Yes they do help, but only in short run. Eventually you will gain weight for sure. Crash diet slows down the metabolism & BMR and the day you start eating a normal diet, the food will convert into fat and hence weight gain will happen.

Myth No.3: If the Label Says Fat Free, It Is Good For Weight Loss

These promises are generally made by packaged food companies to attract customers. It is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Low fat does not mean that the food is nutritional and healthy. So whenever you buy a low fat packet of biscuits and cookies, do check from where the calories are coming from.

Myth No. 4: If I Exercise, I Can Eat As Much As I Want

Exercising is good. But that does not allow your body to eat whatever junk food you want to. Until and unless you do not eat nutritional healthy food, you will not see results.

Myth No.5: Healthy Food Means Eating Salads

No, please save yourself from the torture. One certainly cannot eat salads for life. Healthy meals are home cooked fresh meals. Eat vegetables, lentils, pasta, even home baked cookies. Having a balanced meal is a must. Eating only salads can leads to deficiencies in body and plus its not a sustainable way of losing weight.

Here’s a recipe of a Nutritional and tasty lunch option: Quinoa Pulav

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Healthy lunch recipe! Photo is not that great I know ! But @earthgoodsofficial quinoa was of prime quality and the recipe was delicious and nutritious. Have your quinoa pulav with curd for lunch and you won’t have snack cravings because of this food’s high nutritional value ! . . Recipe Wash the quinoa and soak in water for half an hour. After half an hour, drain off the excess water , the quinoa should be dry and fluffy. . . Meanwhile 👉In a pan, heat two 2tsb of ghee/mustard oil. 👉add one bay leave, one cinnamon stick, one black cardamom, two green cardamom, crushed 3-4 black pepper and cloves 👉cook the whole spices for 30 Sec to one minute 👉now add one tsp if cumin seed and finely chopped onions 👉As you sauté onions, add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder, 1tbsp of minced garlic and ginger, and green chillies to taste 👉cook until onions get translucent 👉now add the quinoa and roast it on medium heat for five minutes 👉now add vegetables of your choice .. paneer, peas, corns , carrots.. free to use vegetables of your choice 👉now add 1/2 tsp of garam masala, 1 tsp each of cumin and coriander powder and salt to taste 👉now add three cups of water 👉some lemon juice to taste 👉turn the heat to low and allow it to cook for 30 minutes 👉quinoa will be fluffed up . . Serve hot with curd and enjoy 🥰 . . #recipe #vegeecipes #healthyrecipes #eatwell #weightlossrecipes #foodblogger #dubailifestyleblogger #dubairecipeblogger #dubaihealthyfoodblog #quinoa #quinoarecipes

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