How To Create A Healthy Plate For A Complete Meal

As I am not a qualified nutritionist, I follow a number of qualified nutritionists and pick up from them what’s good and what’s not.

Recently, I came across a very informative video by a notable dietician Rujuta Diwekar, where she spoke about how to create a healthy food plate ensuring we are eating a complete meal.

As per Rujuta Diwekar, divide the plate into three parts as described below:

Grains & Millets: Divide your plate into half. Dedicate the 50% of it to your rice, roti, jawar, bajra etc etc .

Pulses & Sabzi: 35% of your plate should be dedicated your cooked vegetables or pulses.

Achaar, Chutney & Papad: Last but not the least, 15% of your plate should be dedicated to homemade chutneys, achaar & papad.

So, if we go by this 50:35:15 rule, you must realize that your paratha, khichdi & dosa are complete meals.

Let’s un-complicate eating healthy.

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