Ayurvedic Tip: Ideal Characteristics of Food

As per Ayurveda, the food that we eat should check the five boxes. It should be Satvik, Seasonal, Local, Fresh and Tasty. Characteristics


The food full of goodness is Satvik. They are also synonymous with modern day’s wholesome foods. These include fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, cow dairy and legumes. They come straight from the Mother Nature and are nourishing for mind, soul and body.


Ayurveda stresses that one should eat food which is in season not in fashion. Go to a local market, know what is seasonal, buy it and eat it.


Choose local produce over fancy imported food. Coconut over avocado. Food which is produced within the radius of 100 km is local. Don’t know which food are seasonal and local? The simplest hack is to go to the nearest store and look for the cheapest options.


Ayurveda suggests that food should be fresh. The food should be eaten within three hours of being prepared. Fresher you eat, more nutrients your body will absorb from it. So eating refrigerated so called health foods will do more harm than good.


Ayurveda suggests that if you do not find a food tasty, your body cannot absorb all its nutrients. But it does not mean that you eat Maggi, it does not check the above characteristics.

So it makes clear what food is good for us.

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