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Tete-A-Tete With Tania Lodi, Founder of Tania’s Teahouse

In our latest conversation with Tania Lodi, the founder of a popular Dubai based cafe Tania’s Teahouse, we found out about her mantra of a healthy lifestyle and how she is incorporating her health and wellness beliefs in the cafe’s menu. In addition, we asked her if UAE’s local produce is capable enough of meeting local restaurants’ raw material demand.

Here’s what we found out:

What’s your idea of healthy lifestyle?

It’s all about finding a balance and eating clean. If on certain stressful days, eating a packet of chips makes you feel happy, there’s no harm in it. Just do not make it a regular occurrence.

Is vegan healthy ?

Plant-based dishes are nutritional and are essential for good health and immunity. However, everything labelled as vegan food can not be healthy. It’s our responsibility to read the label of packets and make conscious choices.

Is there any health myth that you would like to bust?

There is not much awareness about the medicinal benefits of consuming tea. People assume that tea should either be consumed with breakfast or before bed.

How do you reflect your beliefs about healthy lifestyle and wellness in Tania’s Teahouse’s menu?

Before we opened our cafe, we always found it difficult to order food as per one’s dietary preference. There will be no options if someone wants to have gluten-free or lactose-free food. At Tania’s Teahouse, we customise our food as per different allergies and dietary requirements. On our menu, we also advocate our approach towards balanced meals. We have sections of superfood, salads, toasts as well as indulgence treats.

Tania’s Teahouse.

Any particular food that you would like to highlight from the menu?

I’m proud to say we’re the first cafe in the region to have launched a curated line of nut mylk, vegan lattes with functional mushrooms. I got really into these a few months back as I suffer from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia and I believe in holistic remedies to improve your quality of life (and to ease anxiety and stress as well). I genuinely felt a huge difference after implementing them into my daily routine and after doing tons of research I was astounded to see the wide variety of health ailments that these can help with!Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to increase energy, boost brain function, increase metabolism, reducing stress and strengthening your immune system.
The mushrooms we use are: 

Reishi- which reduces stress, increases zenergy
Chaga– which has melanin which promotes shiny hair and glowing skin, helps cellular reiteration, fights your immune system, and gives you energy
Lion’s mane– which helps cognition and energy, increases concentration
Cordycepts– which increases physical performance, increases energy, relaxes sore muscles, and helps narrow your tracheas ( allowing your lungs to operate at higher levels)

Other supplements we include are:
Maca-natural energy booster; balances hormones, stabilizes blood sugars, and helps stabilize estrogen levels for women.
Ashwaghanda root– a great at balancing thyroid function and boosting the immune system, natural mood-enhancer, and de-stressor

Chia Later Pudding With Fruit Letter (Dhs 44)

How Covid19 situation has changed your perspective toward health?

It has taught me to slow down and find time for myself and do things that make me happy. Before COVID 19, I was always on the run and felt tired. Now, I appreciate the need to look after my health.

Do you think UAE’s local produce is enough to meet demand of local restaurants?

We try to source as much as possible from local suppliers. There are a few businesses which provide storage facilities to small businesses like ours which is quite helpful. Many more options are now coming in the market and we will be evaluating them as well.

Tania’s Teahouse is located on Jumeirah Road near to Burj Al Arab. Serves teas, coffees, desserts and healthy food. Call 04-3240021

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