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This Is Not Plastic. Meet Starch Based Fully Compostable Bags

In recent times, we have witnessed an increased awareness around plastic pollution across the globe. UAE has also taken strong measures like applying surcharges on plastic usage, encouraging awareness campaigns and promoting alternatives to discourage its use.

MyEarth, the first-ever UAE homegrown company has a starch-based fully compostable product lineup that is totally organic and soluble in water.

A starch-based product line from MyEarth, including shopping bags, garbage bags, landscaping sheets, straws, boxes among others looks and feels the same as plastic but has a positive impact on the environment.

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A quick introduction to MYEARTH🍃

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Because the products are made organically from starch, all products are sustainable and environmentally-friendly which means the material is biodegradable and compostable.

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Finally, the solution to the plastic bags is here. The first-ever UAE homegrown company, @myearthdxb has launched a starch-based fully compostable product lineup that is totally organic and soluble in water. . The bag in the photo above is not plastic. These bags are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. These bags won’t make our oceans a landfill but will help us create more greenery around and create a more sustainable environment. At the same time, these bags will fulfil our need for a plastic like bags creating a positive impact overall. . We cannot thank @myearthdxb enough for bringing this innovative solution to the UAE and all of us. . . If you have any queries, please post them in the comment section below and the team at @myearthdxb will answer them for you ⭐️✅🎊 #repost @myearthdxb ・・・ Water Soluble, Organic Shopping bags 🛍 now in UAE. Every minute plastic waste finds its way into the ocean🌊. 11 billion plastic bags are used every year in the UAE alone, and at least one trillion worldwide. Often used only once, each bag takes about 200 years to decompose. It’s a massive problem in land and sea, and thus, it has prompted us to find a solution. MYEARTH shopping  bags are made of cassava starch🌱, the vegetable root, it is soluble in hot water and naturally biodegrades in 3 months, does not leave any toxic residue. It is a sustainable, natural and organic🍃 solution to the plastic problem.

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