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Dietician Talk: Tips and Tricks for Staying Healthy this Summer in Quarantine

Words of Mae Al Gethami, Holistic Dietician, Nutritionist and Founder of The Vegan Spot Dubai

We have all collectively , jumped on the home cooking train this quarantine. From banana breads, to “Dalgona” coffee , to pancake cereal. These fun trends have managed to ease us into our rarely used kitchens and changes in lifestyle. Well, now that we’re all well settled into in the current situation.It’s time to make some healthy shifts this summer.

Plan your meals

No you don’t have to jump on the meal prep train. To avoid getting lazy and going for some precooked boxed meals. Try planning some meal ideas for the week, and having all your ingredients ready. Whether it be a new fun recipe, assembling a colorful budda bowl , joining a live cooking class, or calling mom for her recipe of your favorite comfort food like chaal dawal. Regardless, Aim to eat as fresh and in season as possible. Focus on incorporating diversity of locally grown vegetable like carrots , zucchini , tomatoes , maybe some okra to name a few and adding in lots of whole grains & legumes like quinoa, brown rice, and lentils. That way your blood sugar stays stable and you’re less likely to snack later in the day.

Snack Smart and in Season

Dubai’s heat is settling in. While it is temping to reach for that fifth cookie. Try subbing your usual mid day sweet treat, for an option that gives you a hydration element. You’ll find that you’ll feel more satiated after and less likely to have more sugar cravings. Aim for cooling foods like sliced cucumbers and hummus, and lots of summer fruits like papayas , cantaloupe , peaches, and watermelon. Fun fact , Watermelon contains an amino acid called glutamine which aids in muscle repair making it a great post home workout snack.

Schedule your movement

Being indoors has obviously lowered our activity levels. Daily movement isn’t just for physical fitness, it has been linked to better digestion and improved mental health. Try to workout at the same time everyday. That way you’re more likely to form a habit and stick to your routine. Any form of movement works and thanks to the internet there isn’t a shortage of workouts to try. Switch it up between low intensity and higher intensity training. For some motivation try a live class or commit to some zoom sessions with your favorite studios.

Lights out before 10

Most of us are probably getting more screen time than usual now, from working on your laptop, to passing time on the phone, to maybe some TV before bed. It’s a no brainer that excess radiation can negatively impact our health being link to cancer and heart disease. But those blue lights emitting from our screens can also wreck our sleep cycles , making us stay up way too late, and impacting quality of sleep. So make sure, you cut off screen time at least 2 hours before bed. Aim to get to bed no later than 11 pm as our hormones happen to also work on a clock. If your job requires late night screen times , try investing in some blue light blockers to minimize those bad side effects.

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Vegan 🌱 Fennel infused clotted cream So Ramadan is coming to a close. A bittersweet ending. Sweetness mostly coming from this delectable cream & bitterness from not discovering it sooner.But alas better late than never Ok I know cashew is meant to be God sent to vegans but I just don’t like it🤷🏻‍♀️anything with it makes me feel bloated & heavy But the base of this cream is cashews ! (So It’s true the world is really ending huh 🤔) somehow with the magic of nutrition I’ve hacked it. Paired this cream with 2 underrated superfoods Fennel, Is known to relieve digestive distress. I’ve seen it tremendously aid my clients with IBS. It’s even rich in minerals & antioxidants.In Ayurveda fennel is known to have a cooling effect on the body.Hence it being a potent anti- inflammatory Kudzu, less commonly known but ever present in Asian cuisine.Chinese medicine uses kudzu to promote proper digestion, also an anti- inflammatory,cures hangovers, aids with menopausal symptoms.Assists with calming anxiety (google calming kudzu pudding 😉) . So I’ve paired these guys to produce a beautifully aromatic smooth & creamy no lumpiness,no bad for you thickening agents and no coconut cream 😂 It’s so simple mini lactose intolerant me who used to sneak dip her dates in cream and get tummy aches every Ramadan is very jealous right now 😂 Ingredients: 1 cup of cashews 1 cup of water 1 tbsp Fennel seeds 2 tsp Kudzu powder Optional:3-4 dates / vanilla pod or extract Instructions: 1.In a sealed jar, soak cashews with fennel overnight 2.Pour out soaking water and half of the seeds 3. Blend the cashews, remaining fennel (1 tsp worth),with your optional add ons until smooth 4.Transfer the mixture on a stovetop pot,on low heat only 5.Add kudzu 1 tsp at a time & mix continuously until it thickens to desired consistency 6.Transfer to glass container & let cool in the fridge for a min. 2 hrs 7. Enjoy ! Pair with dates, scones, or use as frosting 😉 #vegancream #veganrecipes #eidfood #easyrecipes #vegandubai #thebakefeed #foodphotography #ayurveda #dairyfree #quarantinebaking #cashewcream #rawvegan #healthyrecipes #recipe #cleaneating #holistichealth #japanesefood #kudzu

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