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Interview: How RawKure, A Healthy Dessert Business is Disrupting Snacks Market

Some of the most beautiful, practical and successful business ideas are results of an adversity. When a curious mind seeks a solution for a problem, it comes up with an idea that not only makes their own life easier but also create a meaningful path for others.

With right approach and attitude, these problem-solver people chart their path to become successful entrepreneurs.

One of these successful entrepreneurs we had a chance to speak with is Mariam Hourani, Founder of a Dubai based healthy dessert business, Raw Kure.

A fitness advocator and an entrepreneur, Mariam started to spread awareness about inflammatory foods on her instagram page . Soon, she experimented to create some snacks which are not only healthy, vegan and gluten free but also taste better than their original versions. (you need to order a few to understand what we say)

Little did she know that her passion to spread awareness for healthy snacks would receive such a huge appreciation from people coming from different walks of life. Back in 2018, it was just a beginning of her entrepreneurial journey to start with her own conscious cooking brand RawKure.

Find some more interesting facts about Mariam Hourani and her business in conversation with

Why do you think Dubai needs gluten free and vegan dessert options? 

I believe people are trying to be healthier and are more health conscious in the region. Not because it’s a trend but because diseases are increasing and I believe people just want to live healthier and avoid anything preventable. So cutting out inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten would help with mission.

However I believe everyone has their own food and body intolerances and while one diet may work for one, it may not work for another. I recommend a clean, organic and a wholesome diet and everything in moderation. So, if some may choose a vegan diet, it should be a healthy one as well. I encourage everyone to follow a healthy diet because your immunity depends on it. If you eat well and have a healthy gut, you will be strong enough to fight off preventable viruses and diseases. Healthy Food and herbs are natures medicine. 

2. What makes Rawkure different from similar products in the market? 

Our ingredients are organic and very clean. At Rawkure, we take pride in being one of the few food operations that use the highest quality ingredients, such as cacao, tapioca flour, almond flour, homemade nut butters, coconot oil, in-house cacao chips. We also use anti inflammatory spices like turmeric, cinnamon, psylium husk etc. We are also one of the first if not the only company that combines plant based and keto treats at the same time.

3. What gave you the impetus to launch your company in Dubai?

I grew up here with my family, so Dubai is home for me. I strongly believe Dubai is a great location to open up any business as a start before launching it elsewhere.

Rawkure was born out of a desire to help people who wanted to lessen or eliminate inflammation in their body, ones who didn’t want to eat snacks and treats that had bad ingredients in them or preservatives, colorings etc. 

Two years ago, a family member of mine was diagnosed with an autoimmune and at the time I was looking for a place that had clean, organic, plant based and gluten free sweet/snack shop but I couldn’t find any that was up to the standards. I mean real ingredients, no hidden nasty stuff but at the same time snacks and treats that tasted good, unfortunately I couldn’t find any and fortunately enough I started making my own.

Rawkure started out as an Instagram page where I would share information about inflammation, food etc and then within a couple of months I had an entire menu of anti-inflammatory sweets and savory items, I then officially launched Jan 1, 2019. 

4. Please share your insights on the dessert business market in Dubai and as a business what are your major challenges and strengths in this market.

To be honest, the dessert business is now saturated. There are so many options, however I would like to believe that people can differentiate between quality and that’s what we opt for at Rawkure.

Our major challenges are coming up with new recipes that keep up with peoples demands. People want something that’s healthy and low carb or no sugar but high carb or no nuts but high fat etc. We work on making recipes that taste good and are healthy. We try to aim to keep our treats sinless but baking without butter, eggs and gluten is a challenge in keeping the dough hold together and soft. My biggest challenge is my keto range which is using almond or coconut flour while using dairy free milks and butters. There is at least 3 trials before we can get it right. 

Mariam Hourani, Founder RawKure

5. What are your hot selling items. Please share any one recipe. 

We have three plant based ranges ( Keto/Plant Based- Plant Based- Nut Free/Plant Based)

Our popular items are the Sinless Cacao Donuts, Superkake Keto Donuts, Cake my Day (chocolate cake brownie), Marbelous Bars (Healthy version of lazy cake), DelightFull Bar (superfood date bar), and our Kreamy Kupcakes (superfood cupcakes) 

6. You have always been a delivery only business, what impact Covid has on your business and how you are coping up with it? 

Covid has impacted our business and times are tough because of many restrictions from delivery to working hours etc, but we carry out the highest standards in sanitizing and cleaning regardless of Covid, but people have been more hesitant with ordering online. We are hopeful and looking forward to a better and safer future.

Visit RawKure here.

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