Common Mistakes People Make While Trying Losing Weight

From following fad diets to skipping meals, we all have made these terrible mistakes.

If you are done with trying things that will help you lose weight, here’s our piece of advise on things which will not help you lose weight at all. Take a look!

Following A Diet

You need to distinguish between a diet and lifestyle. Diet is for short term and lifestyle is for long term. You might want to lose 5 kgs in a week, and following a diet you might achieve it as well. However, it will not be sustainable. You will gain that weight back back plus some more.

Instant Results

Stay away from all products and services that claim instant weight loss results. It could be diets, weight loss shakes or fat removal surgeries. Believing them will only make these companies’ pockets heavier with profits, you will also lose, your money and health but not weight. Instead focus on long term lifestyle changes which may take some time but will be sustainable and effective.

Missing Breakfast

Many studies have proven that people who eat their breakfast tend to be healthier and slimmer than those who skip their breakfast. Skipping breakfast may seem like a easier way to restrict calories, but it eventually results into eating extra snacks and more food later in the day. Do not skip your breakfast and add extra fibre to it.

Mindless Munching on Snacks

Having snacks between meals is important. It keeps the metabolism fast. But mindless munching on biscuits and chips does not help. So prepare in advance. Have a handful of peanuts, a fruit, yogurt, peanut sandwich or so.

Speciality Coffees

You may think it’s just a cup of coffee. Yes it is but with some 500 calories. So do watch your coffee intake during your trips to Starbucks or any other coffee shop.

Consuming Less Water

Water is essential to burn calories. When you are dehydrated, the metabolism rate slows down which eventually slows down your weight loss. Try carrying a water bottle with you every time and have a glass of water before every meal and snack time.

Eating Out

Restaurants add more oil and flavours to make food tasty in order to to keep you coming back. If you make the same food at home it will be much more healthier. Keep your eating out trips as less as possible. Try to prep your meals in advance so you spend less time in kitchen but eat home cooked food more often.

Too much focus on willpower

We tend to set unrealistic goals like working out every day and eating salads and “healthy food” everyday. When we fail to do so we blame it on our weak willpower. Instead of writing things you want to do it, focus on why you want to do it. It will keep you on the track without losing consistency. It will also take away your excess focus on willpower:

Not Taking Holistic Approach

If you think eating right and workout are just enough to lose weight, well they are not. They contribute but other factors play a major role as well. These factors include your sleep, hydration, stress levels, alcohol consumption and so on. So focus should be on lifestyle and not on one or two elements. So do find your zen.

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