Five Heat Busting Foods For Summer

Tips picked up from Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Eat A Mango Everyday

Mango is a seasonal fruit. It is recommended to eat a mango everyday for its nutrients and to have a glowing skin. One can eat mango in any form, as aam ras, mango shake, or mango as a whole fruit. There is no restrictions on how to consume mango. Eat mango as your mid-day meal. Do soak in mangoes in water for at least one hour to release the heat.

Have A Glass of Sharbat Everyday

Remember having nimboo sharbat, Jaljeera, imli ras during summer season. Sharbats act as cooling agents and are good for summer season. Looking for more ideas for sharabat, ring in your elders in family, and they will tell you.

Jowar Roti

If you really want to overcome that weight loss plateau this summer, then bring jowar rotis or bhakris back to your plate. Rich in vitamin B1, iron and fibre, it helps you increase the rate at which your body burns fat. It is an ancient grain known to cure appetite lost, is light on stomach, is very seasonal specific and acts as cooling agent. Do add ghee to jowar.

Sabja Seeds

Sabja seeds are a coolant that help in beating the scorching summer heat. They are known to lower your body heat and essentially soothe the stomach. Eat half a teaspoon of sabja seeds every day. Either soak them in water and drink, or add to your meals.


Curd keeps you hydrated and boost energy levels during summers. is the lightest and most-effective fuel you can rely on during summers. It is also a great stress-buster and lowers anxiety levels.

Happy Summers!

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