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Vegetarian Ramadan Meal Combo From O’Pao in Karama for Dhs 29

Whether you are looking for some scrumptious food to break your fast with or just feel like indulging in some flavoursome food, the new Ramadan combo meal from a local slider restaurant O’Pao will satiate those cravings without going heavy on pockets.

Located in Karama, O’Pao is known for serving twisted but delicious versions of Mumbai’s staple food Vada Pao in many tempting flavours at pocket friendly prices.

The special Ramadan Vegetarian package for Dhs 29 includes one O’Cheesy Jalapeño Opao + O’Paneer Bhurjee Pao, + 1 side, + a Kit Kat chocolate mousse and dates & rose milk.

Could a meal offer get any better?

So hurry up and spice up your weekend with this amazing vegetarian combo meal deal.

Order via:

https://order.chatfood.io/o-pao-indian-sliders?channel=instagram or



Success! You’re on the list.

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