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Comfort Arabia Collaborates with Washmen To Help Residents Donate Clothes This Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan marks a season of giving back to the society for many UAE residents.

Every year during Ramadan, Comfort Arabia in collaboration with Red Crescent runs a campaign to support the donation of clothes to those in need. To do so, donation boxes are installed in different residential communities. Comfort Arabia has been running the campaign since 11 strong years.

However, to aide residents willing to donate clothes from the comfort of their homes, Comfort Arabia has collaborated with a Dubai based laundary service business, Washmen .

The donations will be collected by Washmen for free of cost, washed and then delivered to Emirates Red Crescent, whose team will then redirect the donations to those in need. 

To facilitate the donation program, Washmen has launched a separate ‘Donate’ feature on the app that customers can use to make donations this Ramadan. 

Here’s how to donate:

  1. Fill a bag with clothes to be donated.
  2. Mark the bag by writing donation on it.
  3. Schedule the pick-up via the Washmen App.

The donation will run throughout Ramadan. It will be completely free of charge for the residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi allowing them to place their donation order with or without their laundry order.

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