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Missing Food And Travel? Watch Somebody Feed Phil On Netflix

Unlike many travel food shows hosted by celebrities, this show on Netflix, Somebody Feed Phil, is quite fun to watch and very informative.

Hosted by American TV writer and producer Philip Rosenthal, the show will take you around the most beautiful and diverse cities around the globe.

The Netflix food show has two seasons, Course One and Course Two.

In each season, the host visits a new city in each episode. In an hour-long episode, Philip takes the visitors through its popular street food delicacies, casual & fine-dine restaurants and meets a famous chef and a food journalist from the city. Besides food, the show also focuses on each city’s cultural values and its people.

The videography is so catchy that you feel that you are part of the show and are travelling to different cities along with Phill, and are enjoying different local cuisines.

Season 1 covers cities of Bangkok in Thailand, Saigon in Vietnam, Tel Aviv in Israel, Lisbon in Portugal, New Orleans in Mexico, and Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico. Season 2 covers Venice in Italy, Dublin in Ireland, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Copenhagen in Denmark, Cape Town in South Africa and New York in the USA. As you watch all episodes, you discover how unique each city is in itself and why travelling is so important.
Like in Bangkok episode, the host says, “we have zero floating food markets in LA, that’s why we travel.”
In Vietnam Episode, Philip gets up at 4 am and shows farmers collecting important ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine, lotus stems and snails from swamps.
In Tel Aviv episode, the host meets Shakashuka Doctor and visits an amazing vegan restaurant.
We do not want to describe each episode here but want you to watch this show and discover 12 beautiful cities like never before.

With a ton of Time in, Somebody Feed Fill is a great way to venture outside.

Happy Virtual Travelling and Eating!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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