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Where To Eat Best Buratta Salads In Dubai

Burrata Cheese Salad

Buratta is a sensational treat. It is as yummy and delicious as it looks. Buratta cheese is a pouch of mozzarella cheese filled with thick cream in the centre. In simpler words, it is a cheese-filled with creamy cheese. So double the taste, double the celebrations for cheese lovers.

Burrata has its origin from Italy and is made from cow’s or buffalo’s milk. The name Buratta is derived from the Italian word burro means butter, which provides a clue to the richness of this cheese.

One ounce/28 gram of Buratta cheese has approximately 70-90 calories, hence it does not only make-up for a tempting treat but also aids weight loss.

Thanks to Dubai’s versatile food culture, one gets exposure to multiple flavours, ingredients and dishes from across the globe. Preciously, that’s how we came across this wonderful dish called Buratta salad, which has now become our absolute favourite dish to go to.

Here are some of the places in Dubai which in our opinion have excelled the Buratta game. So, if you ever crave or want to try Buratta Cheese salad, do check-out our list, which we would keep updating for our readers as and when we come across better options.

Toplum at Mirdif City Centre.

The Mediterranean restaurant serves Buratta on a sourdough toast with one creamy cheese layer and strawberries. It tastes as delicious as it looks. Priced at Dhs 81.

Lou’Loua By Nadia 

Located on Jumeirah Road, the pretty cafe in the town serves Smoked Buratta Salad for Dhs 65. The recipe combines the creamy Buratta pouch with rocket salad, olives, cherry tomatoes and delicious pesto & truffle sauce. It is magical how some ingredients can make an already tasty dish 1,000 times better.

Bull & Bear 

Located in the urban jungle of DIFC, Bull & Bear, in luxury Waldorf Astoria DIFC, emulates the charm of classy interiors and ambience with a delicious menu of international dishes. And, it is complete with Buratta cheese salad priced at Dhs 95. Buratta Cheese salad comes dressed in tomato, basil pesto, olives and crispy capers.

Paul Bakery & Restaurant

The popular french Bakery Paul is one of our top favourite places for Buratta salads. The cheese comes sitting on top of three-colour cherry tomatoes, oven-dried tomatoes dressed with homemade pesto, basil leaves and crushed pine-nuts served with Rocca leaves and Balsmic vinegar. Priced at Dhs 65.

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