Apps To Download Before You Travel To Russia

Travel tips for Russia
Fontaka River In St Petersburg

In this app driven world, here’s a guide on what apps you should download before you travel to Russia that will help you get a taxi, commute around town and help in understanding local language, specially in Russia where you will hardly find anything in English.

Yandex.Taxi And Gett

These apps are the Russian version of Uber. Once in Russia, Yandex.Taxi amd Gett will help you get a cab easier, faster and for cheaper than its foreign counterpart. Just download the apps, and voila! These apps also allows riders to pay the driver by card or in cash once you arrive at your destination.


This app helps users get around big cities and metro areas, including St Petersburg and Moscow. It shows the full metro map, gives advice on optimal routes, estimates travel time and even offers advice on transportation, going so far as to suggest which train cabin to board so that you’re closest to the exit at your final stop.

Discover Moscow

This is the official Moscow government app for the city, where users will find the most up-to-date information about interesting routes, famous personalities, sightseeing spots and more.

Yandex.Translator and Google Translate

When travelling to another country, it is always a great idea to have a translator app. Yandex.Translator and Google Translate are helpful with any and all linguistic enquiries you might have.

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